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Crystal Golf Tour in 9 countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia

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Crystal Golf Tour & COVID-19

08. 04. 2020

Dear Crystal Golf Tour members,
Here are brief information on the Crystal Golf Tour for the current worldwide COVID-19 epidemic. Our tournaments for April and early May are handled individually with each club, so please follow our social networks and websites for updates.


Tournaments April

14.4. Slapy - tournament confirmed
21.4. Ostravice - info next week
22.4. Ropice - currently the course is closed due to building modifications, provided that all the work is done, the tournament will take place
23.4. Kravaře - tournament confirmed

All events in Slovakia, Austria, Poland are canceled by the end of April.

Italian, Slovenian and Croatian courses have been canceled for this year due to the inability to travel and the minimum number of members from these countries.