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Crystal Golf Tour in 9 countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia

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Tournament Calendar

Start of the season 2020 - actual info

29. 04. 2020

Dear members of the Crystal Golf Tour,

information in all countries changes every day, so we send you information valid today.


Starting tournaments

CZ - tournaments can be played from 25.5. up to max. 50 people. It is possible that this date will be adjusted to 18.5., Due to the currently approved state of emergency in the Czech Republic

SK - there is currently no date that would be approved for the resumption of tournaments. We expect that tournaments could be allowed from June

AT - tournaments are allowed from 15.5. and all tournaments after this date will take place

PL - there is currently no date that has been approved to restart tournaments. We expect that tournaments could be allowed from June 

Crystal Golf Tour Rules

Due to the circumstances, we have decided that for this season we will count only the 4 best results achieved, in the entire Crystal Golf Tour standings. Other rules do not change.

Final 2020 - information

The final is scheduled for September 25-26, 2020 at the Čeladná Golf Resort. Due to the probably permanent or limited possibility of traveling due to closed borders and the maximum limit of people at a public event in the Czech Republic (currently max. 50 people), we cannot predict at this time how the final will take place or whether it will take place.

Possible scenarios:

1 / In the case of closing the borders of the Czech Republic for the free movement of persons, the final will be canceled completely - the reason is our effort to achieve fairness to all players from all countries who play CGT with us. We had representatives from 4-5 countries in each final and it does not seem fair to us that a player who will be as the finalist can not participate in the final due to limited travel opportunities.

2 / In the case of the opening of the borders and the permanent limitation of the number of persons when organizing sports events, the final will take place only on one day, on Saturday, September 26, 2020. We dont know how many participants from each category will take place for the final tournament everything will depend on current regulations for organizing sports events.

3 / If the final tournament is canceled according to point 1, we plan to organize a large final tournament at least for players from CZ, which would be fully open to any of the CGT members.